The North Carolina Arboretum: Nature’s Tapestry in Asheville, NC

Nestled within the scenic beauty of Asheville, North Carolina, The North Carolina Arboretum stands as a botanical treasure trove, showcasing diverse plant species and immersive garden landscapes spread across 434 acres of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Information can be found here.

Expansive Gardens and Exhibits

The Arboretum hosts an impressive array of gardens, including the Quilt Garden, Bonsai Exhibition Garden, and the National Native Azalea Collection. Visitors marvel at the meticulously curated displays highlighting native and international flora, fostering appreciation for botanical diversity. See here for information about Western North Carolina Nature Center: A Wildlife Sanctuary in Asheville.

Educational and Interactive Experiences

Through educational programs, workshops, and guided tours, the Arboretum offers visitors enriching experiences. Interactive exhibits provide insights into horticulture, conservation, and the region’s natural history, catering to botany enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Trails and Outdoor Recreation

Scenic trails wind through the Arboretum, inviting exploration of its diverse landscapes, woodlands, and creeks. These paths cater to hikers, cyclists, and families seeking to immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature.

Community Engagement and Events

The Arboretum serves as a hub for community engagement, hosting events, art exhibits, and seasonal festivals that celebrate nature, art, and local culture, fostering a sense of connection among residents and visitors.


The North Carolina Arboretum is an oasis of natural beauty and botanical wonders, offering a space for education, relaxation, and appreciation of the diverse ecosystems thriving within the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville.