Western North Carolina Nature Center: A Wildlife Sanctuary in Asheville

Nestled amidst the Appalachian Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina, the Western North Carolina Nature Center is a sanctuary for native wildlife, providing visitors with an educational and immersive experience. Learn information about Asheville, NC.

Native Fauna and Habitats

The Nature Center houses over 60 species of animals native to the Southern Appalachians, including red wolves, black bears, river otters, and rare reptiles. Exhibits showcase diverse habitats, educating visitors about the region’s biodiversity and conservation efforts. Discover facts about Asheville Pinball Museum: A Retro Gaming Paradise.

Educational Programs and Interpretive Exhibits

Through educational presentations, live animal demonstrations, and interactive exhibits, the Nature Center offers engaging experiences for visitors of all ages. Programs emphasize environmental conservation, wildlife protection, and preserving local ecosystems.

Conservation and Rehabilitation

Actively involved in wildlife conservation, the Nature Center supports efforts to rehabilitate injured and orphaned animals, contributing to preserving indigenous species and their habitats.

Community Engagement and Events

The center hosts events, workshops, and nature-based programs, fostering community engagement and environmental stewardship among residents and tourists. These initiatives encourage a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Appalachian wildlife.


The Western North Carolina Nature Center serves as a testament to the region’s natural heritage, offering a glimpse into the diverse ecosystems of the Appalachian Mountains while advocating for wildlife conservation and environmental awareness in Asheville.